Fasting is to stop something for a period of time in order to feast on Jesus Christ because you hunger to know Him more, to learn more of His teachings and to see Him face to face.

While Fasting:

  • Drink lots of water! Water is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. Your body will need it to get rid of the toxins in your body if you are fasting from food.

  • Be prepared for the toxins, both physical and spiritual, to come to surface. You may experience headaches and “heartaches” associated with your fast. Do not share your toxins with other people! A breath mint will take away the physical toxins and repentance will take away the spiritual toxins.

  • Anoint your head and wash your feet” (Matthew 6:17). This means to remember that you are going to meet with Jesus Christ! Do not act or look gloomy in the presence of our Lord. Do not put on a show for other people to notice you. Rejoice in His glory and presence!

  • Record any thoughts or impressions the Lord gives to you and review them with an attitude of immediate obedience

  • Receive the reward that the Father has promised! (Matthew 6:18

And Remember:
Under no circumstance (DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT) fast for forgiveness, for favor with God, or in order to get closer to God. The Father has already forgiven you in Jesus Christ, He has already given you His favor in His Son, and you can’t get any closer to Him than you are in Christ alone. Fasting will make you more aware of and teach you what you already have; it will not give you more. In Christ you have ALL that you need!

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