Todd Reeder
Senior Pastor

Todd was born and raised in Southeast Kansas, giving him a unique passion and insight to the people of the area. He has had the privilege of serving in ministry since 2007, starting as a youth ministry intern, then a pastor to students and later a lead pastor. Todd enjoys having people over for meals, building relationships and spending time with his wife Ashley and their four kids, Wyatt, Madison, Abigail and Corban. Todd loves to teach the Word of God and see how it changes people. It is his hope and prayer that Christ will be glorified by their ministry at First Baptist Independence.                                              email Todd




Jeremy Alford
Family Pastor

After 7 years away from Independence, I moved back in 2015 out of a love for family and this community. I am thankful for the opportunity this church and many others gave me during my 9 years of youth leadership and music volunteer work. As the vice-president of a campus ministry I began to realize my desire and strengths in leading Christian’s deeper into God’s word and understanding how God wants to manifest himself in their lives. Daily I continue to find satisfaction, purpose and fulfillment as I strive to make less of myself and more of God. It is this reality that I hope to share with the youth through living our lives together in community while learning and teaching God’s word.                                                                                                    email Jeremy



Lance Wilson

Pastoral Assistant

I was raised in Independence, KS. Growing up I rarely went to Church or had anything to do with the Bible, or Christians. In 2001 I began to attend the Wednesday night youth group here at First Baptist Church with a couple of friends. In 2004, due to the constant pull from my youth leaders at the time, I attended a youth conference called Planet Wisdom. It was in this place, that God opened my eyes to see the Gospel as the beautiful and gracious gift that it is. I attended First Baptist throughout High School and my first year of college. After that I went away for college, where I was involved with a local church and campus ministry, becoming a youth leader, and eventually a Sunday School teacher. In 2014, I felt God calling me back to Independence and He lovingly provided me an opportunity to serve at my hometown church.           email Lance