Church membership is an important part of the maturation process for the believer. The term membership comes for the New Testament when Paul talks about how believers make up the figurative body of the church. This is a helpful way for us to think about our role as a church member. Like living stones, being built up into one spiritual house in 1 Peter 2:5.

Membership Requirements

There are two requirements for membership into our church.

  • Being Born Again
  • Baptized by Immersion as a Believer

Steps to Membership

  1. Fill out Membership interest form.
  2. Read through Church Covenant & Statement of Faith.
  3. Interview with an Elder or Pastor and sign Church Covenant card.
  4. Presented to the church on a Sunday morning.
  5. Congregational vote of affirmation at the next quarterly business meeting.

Membership Covenant

We have and use a church covenant to help each other understand what is expected of our members and also to help keep each other accountable. 

To view our church covenant please click here Church Covenant.