Rightnow media

Rightnow Media is a subscription service that's purchased by the church for YOU, the church. This is a streaming library containing over 20,000 videos for various ages and over various topics! Here are just a few of the different genres that this content covers:

  • Kids Shows

    These are shows designed to engage and entertain kids while teaching them biblical truths in a fun and interactive way. With popular shows like 'Veggietales' and soon to be favorites like 'What's in the Bible', this is a great way to engage your kids with the gospel!

  • Small Groups

    If you've ever wanted to start a bible study with your family or neighbors but have been worried you don't know enough, look no further. There are video bible studies by dozens of popular bible teachers like Tony Evans, Jennie Allen and Matt Chandler. Pick a teacher or a study that suits you and your audience and start today!

  • Conference Messages

    Going to a conference can be expensive and time consuming. Luckily for you, dozens of conference sessions over topics like Worship, Leadership, Women's Ministry and many more can be found on Rightnow Media!

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